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Using Hosted Solution

Benefits of remote access to accounting hosting services

Today most of the business houses access their data from anywhere in the world using different tools form internet which is called remote access. Through remote access a user can get access to his document sitting anywhere in the world through internet. The term remote access is gaining importance among the users who are into book keeping and accounting. Remote access is best for those users who travel a lot, have employees in different locations or want to share accounting applications among multiple users.
Remote access allows your company or your accountant to remotely access to the computer and manage day to day, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping tasks in order to keep your books.
How can you remotely access your accounting applications or tax applications like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Drake or lacerate ?

Using tools like Log me in, Go to my pc or other programs- Through this tools you can access your computer remotely and gain access to the applications. This tools enables you to gain full control on your computer. But one of the major drawbacks of using these tools is that, your computer should be on all the time you want to access it.Which is sometimes not possible, if you are out of your office

Using Hosted Solution-
Most of the businesses and accountants today seek the help of accounting or tax applications to simplify the traditional way of accounting. This accounting and tax applications have revolutionized the business world by enhancing the productivity. Now the question is how to access this software remotely? The answer is, in order to access these software remotely, it is necessary that the application is hosted on cloud server, that is on terminal servers. This process is known as software hosting whereby you host your software or application on terminal servers through hosting service providers.
Host providers provide you with services so that you can host your applications on terminal servers. After your software is hosted in the server, the hosting providers will create an account for you and provide you with authorized password. Now all you need is Internet connection, so that you can log into the server and access the application.
Now you can access the software remotely by using the password. You can access the software from any corner in the world. You can even allow your employees to access the software remotely.
Why should you choose hosting or remote access to your application?
1.       If the company does not have sound network system at the place of business.
2.       If the company cannot afford high IT infrastructure.
3.       If the company does want to put its data on risk of losing them.
4.       If you are a frequent traveler, and need to stay away from your office.
  1. Access 24 hours a day
  2. Convenience of Use
  3. Work with the same data file simultaneously
  4. No computer crashes or lost data
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  2. Apart from hosted solutions, you may have an on premise remote support solutions such as a : R-HUB remote support server. It is only one time cost and no hassles of monthly payments.


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